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Foamseal Instructions for Use


The Foamseal system is designed for use by professionals and DIY alike in sealing, insulating, patching and filling voids. The high closed cell content of the cured foam makes the Foamseal system suitable as a general sealant to prevent air leakage in cold storage and other insulating and sealing applications.

Surface Preparation

Area of application should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, dust or dirt. Ensure the area has adequate ventilation. If flow-through ventilation isn’t possible, wear respiratory mask, if the smell becomes overwhelming, exit the area until the fumes dissipate. No fumes or vapours are released from the foam once it has cured.

Instructions for Set-up

Before setting up make sure the tank contents and substrate are at the optimum temperature. Tank contents should be between 60-80oF (15.6-26.7oC) during dispensing. To ensure maximum performance ambient and substrate temperature should be 60-80oF (15.6-26.7oC), preferable 70-80oF (21-26oC). Agitate the tanks by shaking the cylinders to thoroughly mix contents and ensure an even distribution of temperature.

How to Set up Your Foamseal System

  1. Put on gloves, safety goggles and suitable clothing or overalls. Set system in an upright position (valve on tanks facing up) and open the top of the carton. Take the gun applicator/hose assembly out of the carton.
  2. Through the openings in the back of the carton, connect the red hose to the red tank (A Tank) and the blue hose to the white tank (B Tank), hand tighten, then tighten thoroughly with 9/16″ (14mm) spanner (enclosed in nozzle pack).
  3. Slowly open valve on each tank. Make sure tanks are FULLY OPENED. Check the hose/tank connections for leaks.
  4. Fold flaps to re-close box.
  5. The gun applicator is set in the OFF position when manufactured. To unlock, push switch to the ON position.
  6. Direct the gun applicator into a waste container. Squeeze the trigger completely. Make sure that two strong streams spray out of the gun applicator.
  7. Select a disposable mixing nozzle and align the slots on the nozzle with the yellow notch on the gun applicator barrel. Push the nozzle onto the yellow notch and twist clockwise to lock in place.
  8. Direct spray nozzle into a waste container. Slowly squeeze the trigger. Check for proper mixing. Foam should be off-white in colour, not white or dark brown and should cure to a tack free surface in 30-45secs. If foam is not the correct colour or is not curing properly, refer to the trouble shooting section of these instructions. System is now ready for use.
  9. To stop/pause spraying, release the trigger of the gun. If spraying is stopped for 30secs or more, remove the mixing nozzle. To re-commence spraying, fix a new/clean nozzle to the gun applicator.
  10. When you have finished spraying the Foamseal system can be stored by following the steps below:
    1. Lock the gun applicator.
    2. Remove mixing nozzle.
    3. Wipe off excess foam from front of gun applicator with a soft cloth.
    4. Apply Vaseline (enclosed in the nozzle pack) to front of gun applicator and O-ring (see line drawing 7).
    5. Open top of box and turn tank valves off for long-term storage (24hrs or more). Then re-close the top of the box. We recommend that the gun is used a minimum of once a week to prevent blockages forming on the ‘A’ component side of the gun and hose applicator.
  11. To re-use system, refer to steps 3 – 9.

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